The Benefits of an Aquarium in Your Office or Commercial Space.

Businesses know the appearance of an office space is an outward symbol of the success, prosperity, and culture of a business. That’s why office spaces are designed not only for their function, but also for style and aesthetics. These things can indirectly communicate an idea or emotion about who you are as a business. One of the more recent trends in office design is to include aquariums in the workplace as a way to differentiate the look and feel of the office, and to create a desirable office environment.

Health Benefits of an In-Office Fish Aquarium

While the health benefits are almost imperceptible, they are nonetheless quite real. For example, office environments can sometimes be stressful for your employees and customers. A visually attractive Aquarium (customized to match your office décor and design scheme) in a common area can have a calming effect on the whole office by creating a soothing, zen-like atmosphere.
Employees working under stress or deadlines can benefit during breaks by pausing to relax and observe the aquatic life in its aquarium habitat. Studies have shown that prolonged gazing at fish and aquatic animal life is an effective stress reducer, leading to lower blood pressure and emotional well-being.
Similarly, in professional service offices, such as a medical, dental, or eye care offices, fish tanks can help to calm anxious patients and have even been shown to reduce the perception of pain. Aquarium fish can also serve to entertain children waiting to be seen by their doctor or other service professional.

Fish Aquariums for All Ages

The benefit of fish aquariums for elderly and aging seniors in business places, such as assisted living care facilities, has also been shown to promote wellness by lowering blood pressure. When blood pressure is lowered, it is beneficial to reduce heart attacks. It can also help by promoting patrons to eat more at meal time while simultaneously reducing supplement requirements.
In addition to being therapeutic, fish tanks are also educational to both old and young alike. Opportunities to ask questions and learn about the aquatic life should be encouraged and the information can be readily researched and provided. The sharing of this kind of knowledge creates opportunity for conversation in an office setting where children might otherwise be uncomfortable to be (such as in a doctor’s or dentist’s office). Such conversations can lead to more positive experiences in professional office settings.
Aquarium fish are pets and if employees work in an office with fish tanks, they can be involved in the naming and caring of these animals and benefit from the role that pets play in our lives. Pets are known to help us cope with stress in our daily life, to promote feelings of security and comfort.

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