When viewing the breathtaking finished aquarium, one can be tempted to lose focus on what it took to get there. Please browse some behind-the-scene pictures and video to help gain an appreciation for the planning, setting up, sweat and hard work that we at Aqua Creations go through on a daily basis in order to bring you, the client, your unique, outstanding aquatic world.
We love what we do, and we’ve done it all. The more challenging the project the more our creative juices flow. If you can “dream it” we can “build it”. Give us a call and let us turn your dream into reality.
Custom fish tank - Setting up an aquarium in Manhattan by Aqua Custom Fish Tanks

Chilling in Manhattan

Our team come prepared to do the unusual. Even if it means getting into a bathing suit and diving into an aquarium to execute a bulkhead repair
Custom fish tank installation - Loading up a new fish tank
Moving a fish tank

Precision Fabrication

Getting this oversized aquarium down a narrow staircase, with very little room for mistakes in calculations, required exacting precision planning. Had this tank been even a half inch larger it wouldn’t have been a go.
Moving an oversized aquarium down narrow stairs
Custom fabricated coral reef inserts

Coral Reef Aquarium Inserts

Custom fabricated coral reef inserts are beautiful and are the go-to choice for clients that want “COLOR, COLOR, COLOR”.

Checking the aquarium lighting
Custom castle aquarium display


Moving a large aquarium from truck to placement is not for the faint hearted. But this is just one of the many points in the setting up process that our vast experience comes into play.
Moving a large aquarium from the truck
Custom fish tank installation

Challenges are Fun

Challenges are great. It’s just a part of what makes this business so much fun. No two aquariums are alike and so many factors need to be considered to achieve a successful outcome.

Expert Aquarium Repair

At Aqua Creations, buffing out scratches that have formed over time in an acrylic aquarium is not a problem. When done right, the tank looks like new.
Buffing out acrylic scratches under the watchful eye of a tiger
Custom fish tank installation

Do What it Takes

This aquarium installation required the removal of the frontal windows and frame along with the construction of a sliding ramp to help place this 1,200-gallon, approximately 1,500-pound aquarium.
Sliding an aquarium up a ramp
Custom fish tank installation
Aqua Custom fish tanks moving equipment