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Many aquarium owners tell an unconventional tale. Perhaps in the past, they had seen a beautiful water scene in another home or office, but for the most part, they were not experts in aquarium choices. Instead, they simply learned how easy it is to hire a custom designer and installation company to create the perfect aquarium and build it right into their home or office. Without a lot of preambles, these customers chose to begin the process of aquarium installation because they knew that it was the right decision for a variety of reasons.
Among the many reasons to choose to integrate a custom-built aquarium ecosystem into your home or office are self-care, lowering stress, and the sensation of moving art.


The concept of self-care may sound new, but in reality, there have always been elements of our lives that are purely to nourish our own souls and prepare us for what comes next. Self-care involves doing activities or enjoying experiences that don’t have a productive or others-focused aim. Most modern adults have many dependents, friends, family members, or colleagues for whom they perform many of their actions.

Installing a large aquarium can provide hours of entertaining self-care experiences. Sitting and admiring the fish, plants, and scenery can take your mind off of the to-do list and the work you will do next for other people. Instead, it is a chance to take as short or as long as you like for yourself, to regenerate your strong spirit for the upcoming tasks ahead.

Lowered Stress

The results are in from a study at the National Marine Aquarium; The Washington Post reported that large-scale aquarium exhibits calmed people who looked at them. In fact, the more fish were added to the aquarium, the lower heart rates and blood pressure dropped among viewers! In a world where stress can cause or exacerbate a variety of conditions, looking at tranquil fish and slowly moving water can be incredible for one’s stress levels.
The nice side effect of installing a custom aquarium to reduce your own stress is that others will also benefit. If your family members tend toward being fast moving and high in anxiety, the installation of a home aquarium may cause a dramatic effect on one or more of the household. Installing an aquarium at an office can improve the workplace stress culture and give people a chance to relax a bit before getting back to work. It can also be very soothing for clients and customers who need a transition between their stressful lives and meeting with your employees.

Moving Artwork

One thing to consider when considering an aquarium is that the investment is much more than choosing a tank and a few fish. Instead, a large-scale aquarium is likely to be a focal point in your home or office, the way a rare painting or sculpture tends to stand out and draw attention from guests. What’s more, it is infinitely customizable and can be changed over time. While you may keep the same beautiful fish for years, you will see them moving through different parts of their environment at different times, so the attitude of this “moving artwork” is likely to be new every day that you look at it.
Few people spend enough time appreciating rare art in their homes or offices; after a little while, a painting or photograph may become part of the background. Aquariums, on the other hand, are so dynamic that the eye will always be drawn to them, and the new activities of the fish or growth of the plants cause you to take time with the aquarium every day. Aquarium owners often comment that they didn’t expect to enjoy their aquariums as much as they do, and they report that they actually spend quite a lot of time enjoying them.
Whether you are hoping to lower your stress or accent a room with some moving artwork, you’ll want an aquarium that stands out while still perfectly matching the space you choose. To accomplish this goal, it is best to work with a custom fish tank system installation team like Aqua Creations. They work with aquarium design, but they can also be your installation and maintenance assistance throughout the process of incorporating your new aquarium.