Custom aquariums designed primarily for the location you choose are one of the best gifts you can receive or give to your family, business team, or a friend. It’s not surprising that aquariums are showing up in homes and offices since they have been around since the Roman Empire. But what is unusual is that the styles, types, designs, and impact of large aquariums have continued to flourish because of the many benefits of having custom fish tanks in homes and offices.
One of the benefits of custom aquariums is that they inevitably start conversations. In certain situations, having large aquariums in a setting can ease tensions and contribute to a more laid-back feel. Let’s look at some examples of this advantage.
Aqua Creations installed a 68″x24″x36″ saltwater aquarium in a beautiful wood-paneled living room in Brooklyn, New York. This tank is a built-in unit within the wall beside a table. You can imagine that visitors might spend some time observing the fish, through the Starphire“low iron” viewing panel that allows for excellent viewing clarity, and converse about the beauty and serenity it brings to the room. Some guests may have spent time deep-sea fishing and might share some of their experiences. A calm and reflective evening of conversation could ensue.
If new neighbors have moved in next door, your family may want to invite them for dinner to get to know them and make them feel welcome to the neighborhood. If you had in your dining area one of Aqua Creation’s residential saltwater custom aquariums you would “break the ice” very quickly when the new family examines your tank that divides the kitchen and family room. The children would feel relaxed learning about the fish, and the adults might share their memories of summers at the beach.
In the bar area of one Staten Island residence, Aqua Creations installed a 700-gallon saltwater fish tank right beside the bar. The aquarium holds numerous marine fish, including Tangs, Angels, Puffers, and lots more. When guests are enjoying an evening at this client’s home, they probably spend time watching the beautifully colored fish and wind down with a bit of friendly conversation.
There are still many people who get nervous when they visit a dentist’s office. But the New Jersey dentist who had Aqua Creations install a luxurious, custom-designed saltwater fish tank in his waiting room knew what he was doing. Not only did the waving sea grass and the placidly gliding fish relax his patients who were apprehensive, but many of the patients struck up a conversation about the aquarium, the fish, and how they, too, could have an aquarium installed in their homes.
A unique office lobby area had an equally outstanding luxury fish tank installed made of special optically clear acrylic and holding more than 500-gallons of fresh water. The aquarium is home to over 250 fish and named the Custom Acrylic African Cichlids Aquarium. Cichlids make up a vast and diverse family. More than 1,650 species create one of the largest vertebrate families. Now, there’s a conversation starter, if we’ve ever heard one.
Aqua Creations installed one of their custom fish tanks in the home of a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan. This “bow-front” aquarium makes a gorgeous addition to his Newton, Philadelphia setting. The various saltwater fish which stock the aquarium peacefully swim around the centerpiece of the tank–a sunken Philadelphia Eagles helmet. No doubt this tank will get some NFL fans conversing right away.

You can contact us with any questions or for a free consultation. Aqua Creations is ready to create a conversation starter in your home today.