Custom fish tanks offer a focal point in your home or office that is difficult to surpass when it comes to beauty. There are many words to describe the beauty of a saltwater reef or freshwater extravaganza of fish and color. Movement, or relative lack thereof, is one of the critical aspects of that beauty. The way some fish dart through the water as a school of fish precisely maneuvering each twist and turn as though they were one organism is as impressive as the concerted movements of a highly trained fighter pilot squadron. This contrasts with the slower and more calculated movements of say a large citrus goby or the relatively sedentary life of a starfish or urchin.

Health Benefits

There is more to aquariums, of course than just their beauty. Research indicates that exposing oneself to the beauty of an aquarium can have a calming effect. It can lower pulse rate, blood pressure, and lessen anxiety and depression. Dr. Charles Mathias, of the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio, reports “The organic motion of fish swimming is far more calming than digital and man-made stimuli”. In a reeftank, the coral itself is a living organism, or rather a conglomerate of living organisms. Its stunning complexity sets the backdrop for a whole upper level of the many other creatures that can make up the aquarium habitat.

The Importance of Color

Whether you choose to install a saltwater aquarium or freshwater aquarium, color is one of the prime attributes of your creation. Custom aquariums at times can even be dizzying in their color. Consider the iridescent swirls of a spotted Mandarin goby, the violet and blue of the green Mandarin goby, the juvenile blue ring angel, or a juvenile imperator angel. You can’t miss the vibrant yellow contrasted with black and white of the raccoon butterfly. Consider the precise stripes of a clown tang or the black on white contrast of the black volitan lionfish. Consider the boldness of the black and white heniochus and the orange and yellow of the lyretail anthias. Intricacy is a consideration as well, as demonstrates the eibli angel, the magnificent foxface, or Randall’s goby.

Everything is Alive

Everything, it seems is alive in a well-balanced custom aquarium. Even the rock at the bottom has tiny microscopic creatures living in it that are essential for good aquarium health. What might appear to be a simple brown shell might eventually reveal the neon blue of a striped hermit crab. One of the beauties of hermit crabs, however, is that they can always change their shells so, as long as you add the accessories, there is a virtually unlimited wardrobe for them to parade about in. Indeed, the beauty of the tank only grows as you add invertebrates to your miniature ecosystem. Sea urchins, for example, add even more visual contrast to the salt water tank. The graceful flow of one sea anemone’s tentacles contrasts with the soft pulsing of a bubble anemone or the tiny frayed appearance of the feather duster or the colorful mini carpet anemone.


Aquariums are microcosms of nature, they provide a prized view of one little part of an entire ecosystem. They are, in fact, living works of art and it takes an experienced hobbyist or even a professional to set up an ecosystem that will all work together. An undeniable fact is that some fish eat others or even the coral and invertebrates. It takes a knowledgeable person to get just the right balance. If you want a professionally installed aquarium or just have questions about which species work best in which environments, please contact us.