Fascinating chocolate chip starfish - custom fish tank

Let’s discuss the fascinating secrets behind the Chocolate Chip Starfish unique approach to satisfying their appetite.

Unveiling the Chocolate Chip Starfish

The chocolate chip starfish, also known as Protoreaster nodosus, is a captivating creature that resides in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region. With its distinctive pattern resembling chocolate chips, these starfish are masters of disguise, perfectly blending in with their sandy or rocky habitats.

Feeding with Precision

When it comes to feeding, the chocolate chip starfish employs an ingenious technique that sets it apart from other marine creatures. Its secret weapon? Tiny tube feet located on its underside. These remarkable appendages play a crucial role in prying open the shells of mollusks, such as clams and oysters.

The Dance of the Tube Feet

Imagine witnessing a ballet of precision and grace underwater. The chocolate chip starfish extends its numerous tube feet towards the tightly closed shell of its prey. Slowly and methodically, it exerts pressure, gently prying the shell apart, revealing the tantalizing morsel within.

An External Digestion Extravaganza

Once the shell is opened, the chocolate chip starfish takes its feeding technique to the next level. Instead of consuming its prey conventionally, it extends its stomach out of its body and inserts it into the opening of the shell. This external digestion allows the starfish to release special enzymes that break down the prey’s tissues, turning it into a liquid meal that the starfish can easily absorb.

The Power of Regeneration

Feeding isn’t the only astonishing ability possessed by the chocolate chip starfish. If a limb is damaged or lost during its feeding endeavors, fear not, for this resilient creature has the remarkable power of regeneration. It can regrow its lost limb over time or even regenerate an entirely new starfish from just a single severed limb.

The feeding technique of the chocolate chip starfish is a true marvel of nature. From its masterful disguise to its precise tube feet and unique external digestion, this enchanting creature showcases the incredible adaptations found in the depths of the ocean. So, next time you encounter a chocolate chip starfish on your underwater adventures, take a moment to appreciate the intricate dance of its tiny tube feet and the wonders of its feeding prowess.


The video above is a closeup of the chocolate chip star fish tube feet in action in a custom aquarium designed and serviced my Aqua Creations . Feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss your aquarium project.