Just how big is big? After all, what one considers large, the other considers small. This question can apply to virtually everything in the physical world, including custom giant aquariums. Here at Aqua Creations, where we’ve installed hundreds of custom aquarium configurations, we consider an 800 Gallon+ aquarium BIG. So, when we were commissioned to build, install and maintain this 1,500 Gallon custom large tank, we were pumped and determined to make it shine. Please have a look and you decide if we succeeded.
This amazing home was built on the Jersey Shore in Red Bank, NJ. The lady who painted the aquarium bar room walls had to be commissioned two years in advance to ensure her availability. Everything about this home reeks quality, especially the huge custom giant aquarium that takes center stage and can be seen from all angles of this magnificent home.
Delivery, placement and installation of this giant aquarium put a lot of our experience to the test, but we were up to the task with a flawlessly executed installation. The ecstatic, proud owner is fast becoming an avid aquarist and constantly requesting specific new fish and livestock to add to the large tank.
Large, Custom-wall-aquarium
Bespoke aquarium - installation Red Bank NJ Custom Large Aquarium
Huge Fish Tank