Man cave-style Brooklyn, NY basement, with a large aquarium as a center piece containing larger semi-predator marine fish.
Wow! What a sight after a hard day’s work! Perfect execution was required to get this huge man cave aquarium down to the basement successfully. But as you can see, it was all worth it. The client’s taste is for larger semi-predator fish, so we stocked the tank with volitan lionfish, a large, show-sized emperor angel, a unicorn tang, and his favorite—a beautiful harlequin tusk fish. The fish tank is also home to various other happy compatible residents.
Man cave aquarium in a New York basement
Custom fish tank installed in the man cave
Custom fish tank - With the room lights off, you might think you were under the ocean
Moving the fish tank down the stairs to the man cave was quite a task!
Shifting the aquarium into the exact right position