Large in-wall, custom Aquarium in assisted living facility

The spotting of large beautiful custom aquariums in nursing facilities is part of an overall trend towards making long term facilities, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers more comfortable for the residents. An aquarium can help create a soothing atmosphere and provide a connection to nature that is often lacking in many urban environments.

The presence of moving fish has been known to have calming effects, reducing stress levels and lowering blood pressure. Adding a beautiful custom aquarium to a long term facility or nursing home also provides a hotel-like feeling and adds aesthetic value to the environment, making it more inviting to guests, residents and staff alike.


In addition to providing calming benefits for residents, custom aquariums also offer long term facilities and nursing homes a unique way to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, providing residents with something that they won’t find at many other places. Ultimately, custom aquariums can be an effective way for long term facilities to enhance their image and help make their residents feel more at home.


No matter the size or style, a custom aquarium can bring many benefits to any long term care facility. It can be an attractive focal point that provides hours of entertainment and relaxation for both residents and visitors alike. With its calming effects, educational opportunities, and hotel-like atmosphere, custom aquariums can be the perfect addition to any long term care facility.

The installation of a custom aquarium requires professional expertise, as it’s important to make sure that all safety and health regulations are met. It’s also important to choose an experienced provider who is familiar with the needs of long-term facilities and nursing homes. With its many benefits, adding a custom aquarium to a long term care facility can be a great way to enhance the quality of life for both residents and visitors.

Invest in your reputation

By investing in a custom aquarium, a nursing home or rehabilitation center will be making an investment in its reputation as well as the wellbeing of its occupants. It’s an investment that can provide many years of pleasure and tranquility, helping to ensure a pleasant atmosphere for all who visit. With its calming effects and educational opportunities, custom aquariums can be a fantastic addition to any long-term care facility.

Custom aquariums also provide an opportunity for intergenerational experiences. By providing the opportunity to observe and interact with the fish in the aquarium, it allows both younger and older generations to experience something together and learn more about the beauty of nature. This can be an invaluable tool in helping to bridge the generation gap, while also providing a calming and educational activity for everyone involved.

When properly installed and maintained, custom aquariums are a great addition to any long-term care facility or nursing home. With its many benefits, it can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation, while also serving as an educational tool.

Custom aquarium in Nursing home

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