Library in-wall custom fish tank
So you are ready to make the move and install the custom aquarium you’ve been dreaming of for years!
As a fish hobbyist you surely dream of being involved in the process – from design to enjoyment- from the get-go. Here are a few important things to remember before you begin:
Gone are the days of rectangle and square! The technology of today allows for almost any shape, size, design and layout that you can dream of. Custom aquariums can be built into bookshelves, around corners, under tables, and even as room dividers. While glass is still common and possibly lasts longer, acrylic aquariums are extremely popular due to their light weight and design flexibility. Although larger systems will cost more initially, remember that larger systems are less prone to temperature and water chemical fluctuations; something to consider for the long-term benefits before opting for the smaller systems.
Aquariums must be kept out of direct sunlight in order to diminish temperature fluctuations and/or algae development. Aquariums must be placed in an appropriate area that is strong enough to withstand the weight of the tank. For example, a 100 gallon tank might work in an upstairs room, whereas a 300 gallon tank will require an engineering approval. Additionally, you must make sure you have adequate electrical power outlets in the area you plan to install your tank.
A Custom aquarium is an investment. It is vital to purchase from a Reputable company that has experience with proper installation as well as a track record for good customer service. A competent distributor must be able to guide you with all the details of proper ventilation, amperage needed for the electrical system as well as other important information for a hassle-free experience.
They should also ask what species of fish will be in the aquarium, and know which varieties do and do not go together well.
Proper maintenance is imperative for maintaining the health of your fish. Simply put: Healthy fish can live for many years in a properly maintained aquarium giving their owner a real sense of connection with their aquatic pets. It is worthwhile, at least at the beginning of your ownership journey, to allow the professionals to clean and maintain your tank.
Keep these few important guidelines in mind and you will have many, many years of pure fish enjoyment!