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Saltwater “Clean Up” Creatures for Your Home Aquarium: Starfish, Orange Linckia Starfish,Cleaner Shrimp, Turbo Snails, and Hermit Crabs


Saltwater aquariums are a vibrant, living piece of the sea right in your home. The key to creating a stunning, healthy marine environment lies in selecting the right mix of inhabitants. Let’s highlight four popular species that can add beauty and balance to your custom aquarium – the starfish, cleaner shrimp, turbo snails, and hermit crabs.


Starfish, also known as sea stars, are iconic marine creatures renowned for their striking shapes and diverse colors. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also perform a crucial role by feeding on detritus and uneaten food, thus maintaining the cleanliness of the aquarium. Starfish also provide an interesting addition to recreate a realistic shoreline in your custom aquariums. A peninsula aquarium can be especially effective for this purpose, as the starfish will feel right at home among the natural rock formations of this type of layout.

Cleaner Shrimp

Cleaner shrimp are not only delightful to observe but also serve a functional role in any saltwater tank. These diligent workers help to keep the tank clean by consuming algae and any leftover food particles, making them an integral part of the aquarium’s ecosystem. Furthermore, the presence of cleaner shrimp can make fish feel more at ease and thus help to reduce aggressive behavior among tank inhabitants.

Turbo Snails

Turbo snails are well-known for their ability to consume large amounts of algae in a relatively quick time frame, making them great assistants in keeping your tank clean. These little critters may be slow but have a great appetite for algae and can be a welcome addition to any custom fish tank. Whether you opt for a front view or room divider setup, the impact of these snails won’t go unnoticed – they’ll definitely add an interesting dynamic to your layout.


Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are wonderful additions to any custom fish tank, contributing to both clean-up and entertainment. They are scavengers, feeding on algae and organic debris in the tank. With their shell-swapping behaviors, hermit crabs provide an interesting dynamic in the tank’s visual display.


Orange Linckia Starfish

Orange Linckia Starfish is a magnificent addition to any custom aquarium. With its vibrant hue and unique form, it not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to the maintenance of the aquarium environment. Known for their scavenging abilities, these starfish effectively consume detritus and uneaten food, promoting a clean and healthy ecosystem within the tank. However, before introducing an Orange Linckia Starfish into your custom fish tank, remember that it requires a specific set of conditions to thrive. Ensure ample hiding spots and a stable, mature tank environment. Consult with an aquarium specialist to ensure the compatibility of the starfish with other inhabitants. With the proper care, this starfish can help maintain the cleanliness and balance of your peninsula aquarium or room divider style setup, while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal.



In conclusion, when crafting your custom aquarium, whether it’s a front view layout or a room divider style, incorporating a blend of these marine creatures will ensure a vibrant, healthy, and balanced aquatic environment.

The aforementioned marine species, namely starfish, cleaner shrimp, turbo snails, and hermit crabs, form an impeccable cleanup crew for your custom aquarium. Each of these creatures plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy and clean environment within the tank, supporting the ecosystem’s balance and contributing to algae control.


Starfish, with their ability to consume detritus and uneaten food, keep the tank’s base clean, effectively preventing the buildup of harmful waste. Cleaner shrimp are diligent workers, eating algae and leftover food particles, thus ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Adding to the efficiency of this cleanup crew are turbo snails. These creatures are nothing less than algae eating machines, keeping the tank’s glass and decorations free from unwanted algae growth. Lastly, hermit crabs feed on algae and organic debris, further enhancing the cleanliness and health of the tank.


With a well-rounded clean-up crew comprising these species, you can be assured of a pristine, vibrant, and balanced custom aquarium, be it a peninsula aquarium or a room divider style. Each creature not only effectively manages waste and algae but also adds to the aquarium’s visual appeal, making them an ideal choice for any custom fish tank.


However, before introducing your cleanup crew to your custom aquarium, it’s important to consider the compatibility of these creatures with the other fish species in your tank. Some aggressive fish types may view the members of the cleanup crew as food, leading to an unbalanced and potentially harmful environment. Carefully research and consult with an aquarium specialist to understand which fish species coexist peacefully with starfish, cleaner shrimp, turbo snails, and hermit crabs. By doing so, you can ensure a harmonious, clean, and vibrant custom aquarium.


For more comprehensive information and guidance on creating a custom aquarium compatible with your space and requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team at Aqua Creations. With years of experience and an extensive portfolio of peninsula aquariums, room dividers, and custom fish tanks, we are equipped to assist you in creating the perfect aquatic environment for your space.