Aquarium Chillers.
After oxygen circulation, water temperature regulation is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy aquarium environment. Your fish are unable to regulate their own metabolisms. If the aquarium water is too cold, or too warm, it will cause harmful stress to your fish, plants, and other aquarium occupants, as well as the beneficial bacteria in the aquatic environment. Temperature imbalance can harm, or even kill your fish and plants.

Keeping a Balanced Aquarium Temperature

When it comes to temperature regulation most aquarium enthusiasts understand the importance of a water heater, but aquarium chillers are equally important year round too.

Many factors will influence the preferred temperature for your aquarium; tropical or freshwater environments, fish species, aquatic plants and corals all have temperature ranges that suit them best. Generally, a temperature between 76-80 degrees is best for tropical tanks. The professionals at Aqua Creations can help you decide what will be best for your aquarium.

When it comes to aquarium water temperature, balance is key. The environment can take subtle changes but it won’t respond well to sudden or large temperature fluctuations.

Use An Aquarium Chiller All Year

It makes sense to have a fish tank chiller in the warm months of Summer, but in the winter time, in colder climates, when home and office environments are artificially heated spaces, aquarium water temperatures can vary enough to become overly warm too. Off-set your warmer and chiller temperatures by 2-4 degrees to prevent them from competing too closely, and make sure the space around your chiller is well ventilated to prevent heat from the aquarium chiller motor warming the tank externally.

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