saltwater and freshwater custom fish tanks
It doesn’t matter if you have a saltwater or freshwater tank you have to stock it at some point. So we asked the question: would you prefer rare fish or beautiful fish?

Rare Fish

As with collecting any animal the more exotic and rarer the fish, the higher the price. Unique fish for your aquarium, like a Platinum Arowana, will run you upwards of $400,000. 

Or perhaps you were eyeing the bright orange of the Dr. Seuss fish to complete your themed aquarium, which will run you around $10,000. Rare fish add a certain appeal to your aquarium making it a must view luxury. However, as with most things you spend a lot of money on, care and replacement of these creatures are usually just as costly. Maintenance of these rarer fish usually includes special PH levels or food you may or may not be familiar with.

Beautiful Fish

Tetras, Neons, Bubble Goldfish, Male Bettas, Discus, Cichlids, Guppies, and Angelfish are all very colorful and beautiful. Their unique patterns and attributes give an aquarium an eye-catching awe appeal. Between black lights and intricate scene displays, these fish darting in and out are sure to please crowds of people. Most of the fish are easier to care for with costs ranging from a few dollars to a couple hundred or so, making them easier to replace.

No matter which setup you choose, it will be your fish that makes the aquarium. Innovate your design and accent your rare and beautiful fish (no one said you couldn’t have both!) with a custom tank. With our installation and maintenance services, we can prolong the life of whichever fish you choose. Our visits also allow us to keep your fish happy with new plants, corals, and the food they love. Leave your ecosystem in our hands for the most beautiful rare fish!