Managing Complex Aquarium Projects

At what point do you get the aquarium company involved in the project? Answer – it’s never too early.
By being involved in the earliest stages of a Aquarium project, we have been able to lend a logistical, cost and physical plant perspective to help determine where the aquarium system will be developed (on-site vs. off-site) and how it might be configured (alterations on existing areas, or new construction). By working with ownership as an extension of their management team, Consensus on the direction of the aquarium project can be achieved.
Our previous experience has taught us that the keys to successful project management revolve around the three “Cs”: Consensus, Coordination and Communication. We have been fortunate to build long term relationships with many of our clients. The level of trust that they have placed in us has allowed us to function in the role of a Aquatic life planning partner, helping to determine the direction an organization will take regarding the development of new initiatives.
Also, by involving us early on, we have the ability to design the project with the ideal long term care in mind. The proper access to the aquarium, filtration room set up, location will play vital role in the aquatic life long term beauty and health.