Aquariums add a special touch to any setting, and studies suggest they also help improve both mental and physical wellbeing by improving people’s mood and reducing blood pressure and heart rates. People like aquariums simply because they transmit serenity and relaxation, plus the beautiful colors and designs offered by the fish.

If you’re looking forward to installing a new aquarium at home, at your office or maybe your store, there are many details to consider, including type of water, tank size and type of fish. AquaCreations created this blog to provide you with a list of beautiful small saltwater fish options for your custom aquarium. Take a look!

Ocellaris Clownfish

Saltwater Fish tanks OC Clown Fish





The Clownfish has become popular thanks to the movie Finding Nemo and is certainly a children favorite. With an oval shape and a rounded tail, the Clownfish is characterized by a bright orange color, and it has white bands outlined in black. It is a peaceful fish and can grow up to 4.3 inches (11 cm).

Banggai Cardinalfish

Saltwater Fish tanks



Also known as Kaudern’s Cardinal or Longfin Cardinalfish, it is a perfect species for school tanks thanks to its unique characteristics. The Cardinalfish has a sophisticated scheme and is easily recognized by the tasseled first dorsal fin, a second dorsal fin that is long, and a forked tail.

They feature a brilliant silver color with three vertical black lines and beautiful, bright spots all over the body. They are around 3 inches (8 cm) long. They are semi-aggressive, so they can be perfectly added to a friendly atmosphere with many hiding spaces.

Longnose Hawkfish

Saltwater Fish tanks

This species has a white body with red stripes both vertically and horizontally and its behavior is really interesting to watch. It can grow up to 5 inches (13 cm). Read more here

Royal Gramma Basslet

Saltwater Fish tanks Royal Gramma



Original from the deep waters of the Caribbean, this beautiful species adds a burst of color to all saltwater aquariums with a bright orchid purple tone which suddenly transforms into a vibrant yellow. They can grow up to 4 inches (10 cm).

Although they have a peaceful temperament, they can become territorial and aggressive with their own kind. They like having live rock to hide in. For these notorious jumpers, a tight-fitting lid is also needed.

Orange Diamond Goby

Saltwater Fish tanks





Also known as Diamond Watchman Goby, this fish has a pearly white color and orange spots and can grow up to 6 inches (15 cm).

It was first found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean and is very timid, which makes it a good addition to saltwater tanks since its friendly.

Flame Angelfish

Saltwater Fish tanks

It is one of the most popular among the dwarf angelfish and has an orange/red color with vertical black stripes and bright blue fins. It can grow up to 6 inches (15 cm) and requires live rock for grazing and hiding places.

All the way from the Christmas and Marshall Islands and is semi-aggressive, so a peaceful community is required for its environment. 

White Oc Clownfish

Saltwater Fish tanks




Also known as Designer Clownfish, this type of Clownfish features a fancy pattern combining black and white with orange and brown tones. It can grow up to 3 inches (8 cm). Its temperament is semi-aggressive, so it can be added to a peaceful fish tank.

Twinspot Goby

Saltwater Fish tanks



Also known as Crab-eyed Goby or Two Spot Goby, this peculiar fish is native to the Western Pacific Ocean and can grow up to 4 inches (10 cm) long. It is white with caramel brown irregular spots and has two black and yellow spots that imitate eyes.


In general terms, the Twinspot Goby is friendly and rarely aggressive; however, it is territorial and might fight with its own kind. For this reason, it is important to mate them.