We can execute the unusual to perfection. Actually, we love it. The process exercises our creative juices. These custom tabletop aquariums featured as dazzling centerpieces for a glitzy SAP dinner at the Mandarin Oriental in New York. This annual hosted dinner celebrates the world’s 200 top executives. Bill Clinton, George Bush, and singer Bon Jovi were the keynote speakers.
We were told that our custom-made Betta Aquarium centerpiece stole the show. To the delight of all, we made, delivered, and set these tabletop tanks up in record time and within the client’s budget.
Close up of a custom tabletop fish tank
Tabletop aquarium centerpieces
Three-quarter view of tabletop fish tank
Top view of tabletop fish tank
Gala event featuring our custom tabletop aquariums
Aquarium project was at the Mandarin Oriental NY