We love having fun, so being a part of the Man Caves show starring Tony Siragusa and Jason Cameron fit the bill. It was a great experience and thankfully didn’t distract us from our core business for too long. The whole filming only took about two days and along with prep and cleanup it was an exciting four-day distraction.
Watch the whole episode on YouTube and see the completed man cave. Our zero-edge aquarium is featured at the 12:38 mark.
Over the years we’ve gotten numerous requests from the TV and movie industry that we are happy to oblige with speed and within budget.
Filming Man Caves
Aqua Creations staff and members of the Man Caves crew
The zero-edge Man Cave Aquarium
Aquarium residents enjoying their new man cave fish tank
Man Caves trailer on location
Man Caves trailer on location
The man cave custom aquarium on completion of the project
A different view of the aquarium
The fish – ready for their close-ups!