Saltwater Fish tanks Royal Gramma
Gee, it’s been so long I can’t remember when I started this dang aquarium company. Oh well, one thing I do remember is thinking of a good name for it.
Back in those days I was working from my basement as a startup, full of enthusiasm, and confidence that come hell or high-water I would succeed in building a business doing what I loved most! This wasn’t just a pipe dream; I’d been an absolute fish addict all my life with several accomplishments in the hobby to boot. I had many vendor relationships, and had done freelance work for multiple clients through the years. I was a successful breadwinner for my family and knew I could make my vision for an aquatic design and maintenance company work.
But what name should I give it? I took advise from friends and family, mulled it over, and then proceeded to do what I usually do “my own thing”. I have a very smart and down to earth sister who once asked me “Why do you bother to ask advise and then never take it?”. I explained to her that I synthesize all the advice and that helps me to make my decisions. Not sure why but she didn’t buy that!
Anyway I figured that the name should incorporate my goals and vision for the company. What were those goals? I passionately wanted the company to create aquatic masterpieces of the kind that would wow our clients and I wanted to instill in our clients a trust that they could leave all aspects of that masterpiece’s ongoing upkeep in our hands and be assured of the continued success and growth of their slice of aquatic art. I knew of too many competitors out there, who wowed the client on day one, but then proceeded to make enemies with their inability to maintain long term success. That was not going to be us! We would be there for the long haul. We would take responsibility for every aspect of our work. Design! Implementation! Décor! Millwork! Livestock (fish, plants, corals, invertebrates)! and the most crucial ongoing maintenance to assure long term success. We would be everything aquatic. A responsible and impeccable, one-stop shop for everything aquatic. After that the name just became obvious – “Aqua Creations” – A company that Incorporates every aspect of the aquatic creative process!!
Over the years as we’ve continuously grown, that vision has succeeded in many-many ways. But at Aqua Creations we don’t rest on our laurels as we continue to strive to improve on our very successful formula and you our long term client are our proof!
L’Chaim – To Life!
Best Regards,